Dankia Lake



The lake of Golden Stream is one of the most famous landmarks in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The lake with a capacity of 20 million cubic meters, located in Lac Duong District, about 20 kilometers to north of Dalat city, is considered the largest freshwater lake in the province. The lake has been provided the entire fresh water for the city.

Da Dong River (also known as the river of Da Dang, Da Deung or Dong Nai River in the lower course) originates near the mountain of Chu Yan Kao (2,006 meters in height) in Da Long Commune, Lac Duong District. After its confluence with the stream of Da Lien Deur on the left bank, the river pours to the 2.2-square-kilometer lake of Dan Kia (or Dangkia, Dankir and Dankia) and Golden Stream Lake (or Ankroet Lake) of 0.28 square kilometers and then flows down to the South.

The lake of Golden Stream, a well-known tourist attraction in Dalat, has been often likened to an elegant lady lying among the mighty forests of pine trees. Dr. A.Yersin, on a random trip to this beautiful place in 1893, was driven into so ecstasy by the enormous and imposing scenery that he decided to set up a resort in the center of mountains and forests which is the dreamlike city of Dalat today.

Entertaining Services

Golden Stream Lake with a capacity of 20 million cubic meters contains two smaller lakes of Ankoret and Dankia, supplying fresh water to the two power plants and entire residential areas in Dalat.

Right below the lake of Dankia is a beautiful waterfall called "7-story Waterfall" with its great shelf being able to accommodate hundreds of tourists.

It is not sure who did name the lake "Golden Stream" but perhaps due to a great quantity of mineral sands or gold placers here. Anyhow, the kind lake has long provided water and electricity to the beautiful city of Dalat, particularly through Ankoret plant, the first hydroelectric plant built in Vietnam (1943).

In 2000, a plant sponsored by Danish government to upgrade and advance water treatment system was inaugurated, turning Dalat into the city with the highest proportion of urban residents provided fresh water (80%) and the lowest rate of waste water (under 20%) nationwide.

If the 730-million-USD project of growing Dalat into the national largest resort (approved by Vietnamese Government in February 1998) goes into operation in the near future, the lake of Golden Stream will become a true gold bar, blazing the whole area of Dalat, Lam Dong.

As planned, the wide area around the lake will be constructed as a second Dalat with luxury hotels, villas, special entertaining centers for golfing and horse racing, and an international casino. There will also be a nice road from the airport of Cam Ly taking visitors from Singapore and other Southeast Asia countries to the resort of Golden Stream Lake - Dankia on weekends.