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Dalat cable cars attract tourists’ attention by a “flying” trip to explore Dalat city - the city of flowers from the sky.

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If visitors would like to try this once, they can book a day Dalat tour with only VND 170 000/each at Dalat Flower Company. Dalat cable cars - watching the city from the sky Located on the Robin Hill at an elevation of 1.517 m above sea level, Dalat cable cars is a 2.267-meter construction “in the air” in the south west crossing mountainous area of extent endlessly pine-tree forests to Truc Lam Zen Monastery built in Phoenix mountain at an altitude of 1.490 meters.

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Visitors take such a good opportunity to wallow in nature and fly above immersive forests, colorful flower gardens and Western-styled architectural villas.


Cable car system which was begun in Feb, 3rd, 2002 and inaugurated in Jan, 24th 2003 and officially put in operation in Feb, 1st 2003 was designed and installed by Doppelmayr Inc. (Switzerland and Italy).

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The system with 50 automatically cabins has a capacity of 900 participation/ hour so that visitors can take pleasure in impressive mountains and pine forests in the Highlands, or fly above immense pine forests to breathe cool fresh air of Dalat city.

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On the Robin Hill (an area of 15.000 m2), a cable car station is equipped with safely modern facilities to ensure tourists’ safety.

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Besides, tourists might try tasting Dalat food at the cable car station and have vegetarian meals at Truc Lam Zen Monastry - Tuyen Lam Lake; especially at night, Dalat cable car serves visitors with a program “Café in Cable cars” Dalat cable cars have contributed to Dalat charming beauty, known as “a city of flowers and leaves”.


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This is also one of the most popular Dalat tourist spots attracting a huge number of visitors from different corners of the country and tourists worldwide.

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